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real throughput

A tailor-made solution designed to fit the company


We have been inspired by the famous sketch in "The Godfather" by Francis Ford Coppola to build tailor-made solutions to remove critical limitations for the customer.

Image by James Orr

A winning mentality

Nowadays, consultancy is perceived increasingly as a cost and less as an opportunity. In particular, it is almost impossible to access for small companies due to budget constraints.

Real Throughput changes the paradigm, minimizing risk and offering solutions to gain significant multipliers of the initial investment while significantly reducing the payback period.

We remove the limitations for the customer

Small Enterprise

We overcome the obstacles caused by  budget limitations that small companies have, eliminating all risks for the entrepreneur and creating a relationship of trust

Let's share some numbers to make people aware of the potential of what, in TOC jargon, we call the "Viable Vision." We set the challenge very high, aware that the solutions we bring have no limits - even the sky. 

We make management consulting an engine of success affordable also for SMEs



Let's dispel the myth that only large companie can afford high-end management consultancy: we have designed a pricing model to open the doors to best skills also to SMEs

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SMEs have limited budgets, and consulting is seen as a mirage. To help SMEs, we address the resource limitation problems, capping the initial investment and minimizing the error risk.

To make our irrefutable offer, we solved the problem at the root, eliminating all these risks and undesirable aspects in a way that no one else can copy.

We knock them down

Return on Investment

  • We significantly improve all primary performance indicators, usually by double-digit

  • We cap the initial investment

  • As a consequence, an ROI of 20x the initial investment is not a mirage

We manage the balance between complexity, limited resources, and time, typical of medium-sized companies.



Who said that investments can only have a return of a few percentage points?

Image by Kenny Eliason


One of the main obstacles to running smooth projects in mid-sized companies is balancing managers' limited availability of time with the supervision needs of improvement initiatives. This risk factor can often lead to budget overruns and initiative release times that are not aligned with expectations.

We know how to overcome them

Return of investment

  • We focus our efforts on the things that matter to improve the primary performance indicators: and we significantly improve them.

  • We set the challenge high to achieve ambitious results. 50x the initial investment is not taboo.

We solve synchronization problems for large companies


- E.M. Goldratt

Image by paolo candelo


central problem in large companies is the lack of synchronization due to complexity, latency times in propagating decisions, or lack of alignment on strategic direction.

To solve these problems, we deploy highly experienced consultants and a unique approach supported by methods and enabling technologies.

Is our business

We synchronize the organization

  • Process orchestration is our specialty - we've helped improve it in ASCM's new SCOR DS.

  • We have digitized the SCOR DS to obtain a digital asset that can be reused in implementations.

  • You can count on the added value of world-class expertise and assets that allow you to accelerate the discovery and implementation phases.

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