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Success Stories


In our thirty years of experience in the field we have helped companies from various industrial sectors to achieve exceptional results. From metal to heavy industry, from automotive to consumer durables, from retail to pharmaceuticals to the tertiary sector: there is practically no industry in which we have not made our word and skills heard

We have helped multinationals in various sectors to implement complex Business Transformation and Supply Chain Reengineering programs, moving them from Push to Pull logics, implementing both MTA and DDMRP. We have implemented solutions both from Theory of Constraints and  Lean with high-profile results.

Discover the achievements in the success stories

Metal & Chemicals

metal coil

Several Metal Multinationals

Stock reduction from 20% to 45% and improvement of the service level 

Industrial & Automotive

Assembly Operations

OEM Supplier

Supply Chain Reengineering : 3x Service Level Improvement and 30% Inventory Reduction

Retail & Distribution

Fashion e Retail

Accessories production and retail

Dynamic stock management : 15% sales increase and 30% inventory reduction

Utilities & Services

Financial center

Multinational Insurance

Dynamic modeling of the contract changes and policy replacement process

Pharma & Healthcare


Diagnostic Systems

Design of a new Management Control System for an important multinational pharmaceutical company

Success is built by challenging today's paradigms and defeating inertia

The secret of success

"If a recipe was enough to know how to cook, a music sheet would be enough to know how to play."

 - Chef  R. Auriemma

Indeed, it is not enough to have read Goldratt's "The Goal " to be a TOC expert or "The Machine That Changed the World " by Womack / Jones "to be a Lean advisor. It takes years of experience as a coach and advisor, including learning from mistakes.

The watershed between a successful implementation and an one that yields poor results often lies in a thin red line. Here are some rules that we always strive to apply

1) Speak the business language

2) Interactive workshops with wide participation of management

3) A thorough phase of understanding the underlying causes of existing paradigms and the conditions necessary to apply new ones

4) Preparing Proof of Concepts with real data four hands with the customer

5) Strive to always find a win-win solution to reduce resistance to change

6)   Verbalizing ideas, decisions and assumptions, to verify their consistency

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