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real throughput

Financial Throughput & Operations Planning: Sales & Operations Plan + Throughput Economics


"Subordinating the Supply Chain to strategy is necessary to synchronize the system and improve its performance."

E. Strada

With sedApta Group, we have enriched the strategic dimension of Sales & Operations Planning with the paradigms of Throughput Economics, ideating Financial Throughput & Operations Planning. This solution integrates financial, sales, and operations planning in real-time.

Business Doctor

From the old way of working...

Bland alignment to Strategy

The Sales & Operations Plan is often limited to balancing demand and supply without subordinating decisions to strategy. The result is a "viable plan" that does not allow to seize all the opportunities offered by the market.

Financial throughput

... to Throughput Economics paradigms

Our approach to S&OP links strategic and operational planning with the unanimous decision in favor of corporate strategy.

With Financial Throughput & Operations Planning, sedApta Group and Real Throughput provide the missing tool to integrate financial, strategic, and operational planning effectively.

By adopting the paradigms of Throughput Economics, we overcome the limits imposed by traditional Cost Accounting to provide a more accurate picture of the economic impact of the plans with a more timely and straightforward process.

Financial throughput


Take the traditional S&OP process and then add the ability to simulate different scenarios and immediately see the financial impact. Identifying the plan that brings the company closer to the corporate goal is the added value of the solutions we deliver.

From Operations Planning to Business Simulation

Financial Throughput & Operations Planning responds to the need to provide management with a practical and intuitive tool for making better decisions.

An agile solution enriches sedApta's finite capacity planning system, simulating different operational, tactical and/or strategic scenarios, highlighting their impact on the system's performance and the bottom line.


You won't do without it anymore.

The days when we could budget once a year are over. The context changes quickly, and the probability that assumptions and plans will come true is lower.

Variability and uncertainty have created a context where tactics and decisions must continually be reviewed. This does not mean we no longer have to plan, but we must do it differently.

We need flexible tools to get instant visibility of the financial impacts of operational and tactical decisions and the available opportunities, enabling simulation by scenarios.

This goal inspired us in the development of the solution.

Sales & Operations plan

Throughput paradigms will lead you to a new definition of productivity, measuring the ability of actions and decisions to bring the company closer to its Goal.

Since profitability is a fundamental goal for the company's prosperity, we cannot avoid evaluating the financial impact of decisions.

With Throughput paradigms, we will do it more effectively and timely, capturing the dimension of flow and productivity in economics.

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