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real throughput

Diagnosis + Cure = Results


Different pathologies can exhibit very similar symptoms. Acting on the pain is the primary instinct, but it is the wrong approach to substantially improving the situation. A specialist's intervention to analyze the current state is needed to identify the problem and the right cureThis is the goal of our business doctors team.

Business Doctor

Business Doctor

  • Performance experts because a thorough analysis of the unexpressed potential that every reality possesses is needed.

  • Challenging and concrete to define ambitious growth paths, reachable with effective tactics.

  • Business design and transformation experts: marketing, sales, supply chain, operations, and performance management.

We scan with X-rays​ the company performance, paradigms, and culture

We remove the limitations that obstruct the performance.

We conduct an in-depth analysis of paradigms, culture, processes, organization, and performance metrics to formulate a careful diagnosis to focus action where essential.

Business Diagnosis
Real Throughput colibrì


We apply a holistic approach to promote operational and financial flows by breaking down functional barriers and other potential system limitations.

Strategy and Tactics

We support leadership in defining The Goal and the most effective path to achieve it, helping to define and prioritize necessary and sufficient actions. We restore the strategic dimension of the  Sales & Operations Plan.

Scegliere strategie e tattiche

We chart the journey to new achievements

  • The Goal: set ambitious but achievable targets beyond the "noise level."

  • Where do we start: the undesirable effects of the current situation holding the company back to low performance.

  • How to get there: the tactics to bring the company closer to its strategic Goal.

  • What to do: the necessary and sufficient actions to implement the tactics.

  • What not to do: the paradigms to be changed and the unnecessary actions that would waste energy, time, and resources along the way.


Technology is not the goal. In our assessment, we use advanced technologies such as process mining and dynamic process modeling to identify the critical points of processes and systems to focus on improvements. Or we use BPM and Digital Enterprise Architecture technologies to simplify the management of corporate complexity with tools that allow you to keep the various elements under control.

Even complex problems, if approached methodically and supported by the right technologies, do not constitute a limit to the latent improvement that exists in every system. Our goal is to help you to achieve new, challenging goals. ​

Guided by the logic of maximizing results and minimizing risks, we extensively use Proof of Concepts and dynamic modeling that we measure with Throughput Economics metrics to test the benefits and reduce risks before their implementation.

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