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Don't follow the stream, create it.


Innovation is not the goal. The goal is to increase value for our stakeholders by improving corporate profitability. Innovation is the way out of the Red Ocean in which the company can find itself when it comes to competing primarily on price.

Business Doctor

Innovation and Value

“Value is only realized when it is perceived by customers. And to realize value for customers, a significant limitation must be eliminated.


We tend to confuse improvement with innovation. Most improvements, even when proposing new tools and processes, do not necessarily eliminate a significant limitation for our customers"

Rami Goldratt

Business Innovation

A guided process for thinking outside the box

Innovation doesn't necessarily have to result from a random wave of a "magic wand" or depend on a single person. It can result from structured processes that drive our team to create the next innovative solutions.

The TOC Business Innovation framework has already helped companies in many sectors to increase their competitiveness and approach to the market: automotive, ICT, financial, pharmaceutical, electronic, consumer products, food, toys, and baby-care products.

Business transformation


Everyone can innovate: the new innovative solution of tomorrow can be designed, developed and implemented with a rigorous method that rewards teamworking.

Nuove idee di business

Innovation in three simple steps

1. How to invent the "next big thing."

2. How to convert the idea into a successful business.

3. How to align different actors to support the initiative.

The Goal

Launching new businesses or innovating the current business model, for instance, developing a unique buying experience for our customers or our customer's customers.

Identifying the conditions to get out from a lose-lose competition based on aggressive commercial promotions or on the continuous addition of new specifications to the product without these solving a fundamental limitation for the customer.

Avoid falling into the vortex of excessive differentiation that creates complexity but does not generate value.

The goal is to identify necessary and sufficient innovation to get closer to the Blue Ocean, avoiding wasting resources in actions that create the illusion of improvement but which only erode profits and leave the company in the Red Ocean where it is.


You will acquire practical skills, processes, and tools to innovate the approach to the market, formulate growth strategies and develop new business ideas that are difficult to be copied by competitors.


You will improve your competitive positioning and grasp opportunities to increase market share, sales, and profitability.

The business innovation process can be applied to research new business ideas and assess proposals that may arise from other methods.

It can also be an added value for Venture Capital firms to evaluate the chances of success of new startups, analyzing the idea's effectiveness, the business model, and the ability to implement it from different angles.


Approach to Servitization

We can pursue "trial & error" approaches, pushed by "data-driven" shortcuts, or recognize that the customer must be at the center for a good Servitization strategy.


Necessary but not Sufficient

Rethinking the Product Service System to shift from a traditional "Build & Sell" business model to a Servitized approach is complex.

"IoT-izing" our machines is not sufficient. A handful of sensors to collect data from physical assets into an operational control tower is the shortcut:  many are trying along this path, but how many get a sufficient and compelling return to justify the considerable investment made?

Servitization & TOC Business Innovation

Without a clear value proposition and a precise definition of critical elements of the business model, there is a risk of not generating the expected value, neither to capture it.

The TOC Business Innovation framework shows a virtuous path to address the main questions to which the servitization strategy should answer:

  1. Is the servitization strategy removing a significant limitation for the customer?

  2. Is the market aware of such limitations?

  3. What changes to the business model should we implement to deliver such value?

  4. How to capture a portion of such value?

We support you along the journey

  • TOC Business Innovation methodology training

  • Ideas and challenge to define the value proposition and the "value helix"

  • Support the designing of the business model, the go-to-market strategy, and the operations strategy

  • Advisory for the Business case and financial modeling

  • Follow up during the implementation and feedback (mystery analysis)

Business innovation journey

A world-class team


Real Throughput Logo

The best of TOC in Italy, in Europe and in the world

We combine the best of TOC, Business Transformation, and Innovation skills to ensure the initiative's success. We collaborate in partnership with Goldratt Group to provide the best TOC skills and with THINKING SOLUTIONS to exploit the enabling technologies

Seize the opportunity

The business innovation workshop by Real Throughput and Goldratt Consulting can be organized either as a group workshop with other companies or as a private one.


We suggest a minimum participation of 2 people per company, up to an optimal number of 4/5 people per company. Special arrangements will be agreed upon and managed if necessary.

The first 2-day session is usually held at Goldratt House in Israel. The second session will be organized at the headquarters to be defined according to the number of companies.

Contact us, without obligation, for information, providing us with your preferences regarding the period, the method, and the indicative number of participants.


We thank you for reaching out to us. We will get back to you soon

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