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Recording available on demand


Meet Demand!

Meet Demand!

Register and watch the recording of the Meet Demand! event organized by Retailisation. A panel discussion by experts from Theory Constraints on Supply Chain solutions for retail

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Meet Demand!
Meet Demand!

Time & Location

Recording available on demand

Meet Demand!

About the event


  • Sara Faletto,co-founder of Real Throughput and Sr Partner of Thinking Solutions, is an expert management consultant with a long history of success in improving business performance, in managing the supply chain in the retail sector according to TOC logic, in business planning and in the development of strategies.
  • Humberto Baptista,founding partner of Vectis Solutions, uses the principles and tools of TOC to increase the value of companies and help them achieve higher levels of performance.
  • Henry Camp,CEO of Idea LLC and founding partner of TOC Equity Partners. Throughout his career, Henry has helped organizations across various industries improve their supply chains and increase margins and sales.
  • Jasper Zeelenberg, CEO of Retailisation, which collaborates with leading brands and retailers in the apparel, fashion and sporting goods sectors to maximize profits and reduce waste in the Supply Chain.

Goals of the webinar

Share case studies and best practices to explain why a responsive supply chain, based on the principles of Theory of Constraints, can benefit brands and retailers in today's complex retail environment.


Some key topics addressed in this round table are:

  • What is a reactive supply chain?
  • The price and time challenges that Supply Chains are facing
  • Flow Efficiency: Measure the appropriate KPIs
  • What is missing in Supply Chains to be fully responsive to consumer demands?
  • How to make improvements by adopting the TOC principles
  • Henry Camp discussion of “cash to cash cycle time” with some examples.

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